Congressional Framing at its best!

One of the popular request from the congressional offices on the Hill is to frame a 3 ft. X 5 ft. U.S.A. Flag -- Opened up all the way.  We at Sully Framing & Art take the time to stitch the flag from the top onto a 1/4" thick wooden board and then place it into a 2" deep shadow box frame. The presentation is superb.

The Purple Heart is a United States military decoration awarded in the name of the President to those wounded or killed while serving, on or after April 5, 1917, with the U.S. military. With its forerunner, the Badge of Military Merit, which took the form of a heart made of purple cloth, the Purple Heart is the oldest military award still given to U.S. military members. (Wikipedia)

This heartfelt keepsake made up of a cluster of awards, including the Purple Heart, and a black and white photograph from WWII -- almost eighty years ago are framed in a way that brings back the times, the value, and nestalgia. If this was my grandfather, It would be displayed properly, hanging on a wall that everyone would see.

We are honored to have framed this for our customer -- Thank you, and Happy 4th of July.