This is a large print of a painting depicting a small mountain village nestled around a lake in the mountains -- "CHALET IN SWITZERLAND" by F. Crosoni. The print is 47" wide x 23" high.

We framed it with the most appropriate beautiful moulding and matching it with matting that complimented the print.

We can make "old art" look fantastic!

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The question is: Can we build one for you?


Matching the type of frame to the style of art -- IS AN ART in itself!  Using the right matting is also extremely important and can add or detract from the completed task.  We believe that SULLY FRAMING & ART have mastered this.

We also used museum glass that will protect this art for a very long time and virtually eliminates the reflection in glass.

When you want it to look the absolute best, bring it to us!